College Expenses

Children of divorce seem to be in a better position than children of an intact family when it comes to college payment. Bruce K. Warren of the Warren Law Group, LLC can help you navigate through this very complicated legal framework.

The following criteria are applied as to allocation of college contribution and college expenses:

1. Whether the parent, if the parties had not divorced, would have contributed toward the cost of the requested higher education.

2. The effect of background, values and goals of that parent on the reasonableness of the expectation of the child for higher education.

3. The amount of contribution sought by the child for higher education.

4. The ability of the parent to pay that cost.

5. The relationship of the requested contribution to the kind of school where costs of studies sought by the child.

6. The financial resources of both parents.

7. The ability of the child to earn income during the school year or on vacation.

8. The availability of financial aid in the form of college grants and loans.

9. The child’s relationship to the paying parent including mutual affection and shared goals as well as responsiveness to parental advice and guidance.

10. The relationship of the education requested to any prior training and to the overall long range goals of the child.

The above is not exhaustive and the Court will listen to all relevant testimony regarding this important issue. Contact the Warren Law Group, LLC for a free consultation at 856-494-6930.