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Though some people view them in a negative light, pre- and post-nuptial agreements can be a great benefit to individuals and couples alike. Signing one of these agreement can seem pretty cynical. Who wants to plan for the end of a marriage? But while almost no one goes into a marriage intending to divorce, no one knows the future. It can be a wise and loving thing to plan for your spouse’s comfort and security before extreme circumstances arise.

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Pre/Post Nuptial Agreement Overview

Pre- and post-nuptial agreements are very similar. The difference is that a pre-nuptial agreement is planned and signed before a couple gets married and a post-nuptial agreement is executed after the couple marries. Both cover the same sorts of property and financial division matters.

Pre/post-nuptial agreements tend to govern various matters related to property, including:

  • Property and financial division
  • Division of future earnings
  • Alimony
  • The rights each spouse has in managing assets
  • Business ownership—can protect the business from being affected after a divorce

Couples can even include other provisions, such as a household budget or expenses, but they cannot use a pre/post-nuptial agreement to make decisions about child support.

How Warren-Wentz, LLC Can Help

Our 35+ years of combined experience in family law gives our New Jersey pre-nuptial attorneys insight into the matters that should be settled before a couple gets married. Business ownership, significant financial resources, children, and inheritance can all impact your needs; we can help you plan and care for them before issues arise. We are sensitive to individuals and can help couples come to arrangements that benefit both parties. We even offer free initial consultations to help you better understand our services and the process. Why wait? Start working to protect your future today!

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