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Planning for Your Child’s College Expenses

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Divorce settlements are complex in nature, especially when the couple has children. There are many different aspects to consider, and one that is sometimes overlooked is a child’s college expenses.

The New Jersey child support lawyers at Warren-Wentz, LLC understand you want what’s best for your children. At the same time, we understand there are limits on your financial resources, especially after a divorce. We are experienced in navigating family court and know what supporting evidence you need to argue for a favorable outcome.

Handling college contributions as part of your divorce settlement or child support arrangement? Call the experienced attorneys at Warren-Wentz, LLC at (856) 281-3338 for a free consultation.

Deciding Contribution Amounts

In many cases, New Jersey Courts rule that both parents contribute some amount to a child’s higher education. However, the guidelines for amounts to contribute are not nearly as clear-cut as they are with child support payments, which are designed to support minor children.

When considering each parent’s contribution, the court looks at several factors:

  • The parents’ financial resources and ability to pay
  • Family expectations and the child’s relationship with each parent
  • The nature of the educational program and the child’s aptitude
  • The availability of financial aid
  • The child’s ability to contribute

The court will review your W-2s, tax returns, and other financial information to make the ruling.

What an Attorney Can Do

Finding a good New Jersey family law attorney is essential to presenting your side of the case in court. Your attorney can make sure all evidence in your favor is presented, articulate your reasoning, and work to make a favorable impression on the judge. At Warren-Wentz, LLC, we’ve spent years doing these exact things. We can represent you both for you and your child’s best interests.

Fight for your child’s future with representation from Warren-Wentz, LLC. Call (856) 281-3338 or contact us online to work with a New Jersey child support lawyer at our firm.

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