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New Jersey Child Relocation Lawyers

Custody Agreements & Moving Children Out of State

Even if initial child custody arrangements are settled to both parents’ satisfaction, sometimes life circumstances change. A job, family situation, or educational opportunity for your children might necessitate a request to relocate a child out of state.

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New Jersey Child Relocation Laws

Two New Jersey Supreme Court cases have influenced state rulings on child relocation cases: Baures vs. Lewis, 2001 and Bisbing vs. Bisbing, 2016. Earlier rulings tended to favor the custodial parent’s requests if there was a good faith reason for the move and there wasn’t evidence that it would be detrimental to the child, even if the non-custodial parent objected. In more recent cases, however, the courts have decided the child’s best interest should be the guiding principle for relocation in cases where parents share legal custody.

The court analyzes “best interest” with the same measures used to decide child custody:

  • How well the parents agree and communicate
  • The relationship of the child with parents and siblings; quality of time the children had with each parent before the separation
  • Factors that affect the fitness of the parents to raise the child—jobs, responsibilities, history of violence or abuse, past violations of the custody agreement, and more
  • The child’s preferences and needs
  • Home stability
  • Quality and continuity of education
  • Closeness of the parents’ respective homes

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Whether you’re a custodial parent hoping for a better opportunity for your child or a parent with visitation rights who believes the best plan for your child is staying nearby, Warren-Wentz, LLC can argue your case. We are compassionate child relocation lawyers in New Jersey, serving Gloucester County and the surrounding areas, who understand each family has its own unique situation.

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