New Jersey DUI Lawyers

Legal Representation for Those Accused of Driving While Intoxicated

Driving under the influence (or driving while intoxicated—there is no legal difference in New Jersey) can apply to someone influenced by alcohol, narcotics, a hallucinogen, or other substance that impairs judgment or motor skills. DUI charges based on alcohol use are some of the most common.

Even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below the legal limit of .08 percent, you can still be charged with DUI. Prosecutors will try to bring forth evidence that you were not driving safely. This is the sort of evidence you can fight.

At Warren Law Group, LLC we don’t think you should get the maximum penalty for a mistake. We can state your case and fight to make sure you’re not penalized without sufficient evidence.

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Penalties for Drinking & Driving

For individuals under the legal drinking age, the blood alcohol limit is .01 percent. This means underage drinking is very tightly controlled in the state. But for those over the legal age, the seriousness of the charges vary.

New Jersey sentences for DUI are based on the number of offenses on your record:

  • First offense: $250-400 fine, imprisonment for up to 30 days, and a 3-month license suspension
  • Second offense: $500-1,000 fine, a 2-day imprisonment, and a 2-year license suspension
  • Third offense: $1,000 fine, a 180-day imprisonment, and a 10-year license suspension

All of these sentences can be increased if offenses occurred within a school zone. In addition, if your child under the age of 18 is in the vehicle, you will also receive a disorderly persons offense if you are convicted.

How Our Firm Can Help

DUI charges can have a lasting impact on your life. Before you let a judge decide your future, you should contact a defense lawyer who is experienced in handling DUI charges. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Warren Law Group, LLC Our New Jersey DUI lawyers can fight for your rights and work to protect your future.

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