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Any person accused of a crime has a fundamental right to be represented and defended in court. This is true for those accused of even minor drug charges, all the way up to major drug trafficking infractions.

The New Jersey drug crimes defense attorneys at Warren Law Group, LLC don’t think bias or public opinion should affect your outcome in court. We believe each person is entitled to dedicated, uncompromising legal representation.

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Types of Drug Charges

There is a hierarchy of severity associated with drug crimes. The more serious offenses are designated as crimes in the first degree, with less serious crimes ranging down to crimes in the second, third, and fourth degree. The amount and type of the substance found can affect the seriousness of the charges.

The following examples show the range of drug charges in New Jersey:

  • Conviction of being a leader in a narcotics trafficking network—first degree, earning a life sentence with 25 years before parole
  • Manufacturing controlled substances—generally first or second degree, depending on the substance
  • Distributing controlled substances near school property—third degree
  • Possession of flunitrazepam or gamma hydroxybutyrate—third degree
  • Possession of a synthetic cannabinoid—third or fourth degree

Whether your charge was the result of a simple mistake or you’ve been accused of something more serious, you have the same right to fair representation.

Experienced Drug Charge Defense Lawyers

The attorneys at Warren Law Group, LLC understand what is 856-494-6930 stake with your drug charge: your future. If you choose us as your representation, we will defend you with integrity and understanding, fighting for your freedom every step of the way.

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