New Jersey Child Support Attorneys

Making Sure Your Children Are Provided For

At Warren Law Group, LLC, we know raising children comes with certain costs. You don’t want your children to suffer financially as a result of your divorce, so you want to make sure they are adequately cared for.

Our New Jersey child support lawyers know child support arrangements can be a difficult. We try to remind everyone in the courtroom that the goal is for the child to have adequate support, while also being fair to both parents.

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How Are Child Support Payments Decided?

Child support payments are decided by the court. They are intended to offset the child’s housing, food, clothing, transportation, and un-reimbursed health care costs, as well as other miscellaneous expenses. Generally, New Jersey courts order payment amounts based on a statutory formula. The formula calculates a certain percentage of net monthly income for each child. In some cases, childcare costs, health insurance, and some recurring un-reimbursed health care expenses may be added to child support payments.

A few outstanding factors can also influence the amount of the support obligation:

  • Other legal dependents of either parent
  • If a parent already pays child support to one or more other families
  • If a child receives government benefits

Every three years, the supporting spouse should receive a notice stating their right to request a review of their child support payments. The review will note any changing circumstances, including income and expense changes and will make sure the paying spouse has complied with the state’s guidelines for child support.

Modification Requests

To request a modification of child support payments, a parent must file a motion with the court and provide evidence of a change in circumstances. An example of a change drastic enough to merit a support change might be the onset of a disability that has increased health care costs for the child.

Changing family circumstances can complicate child support matters. At Warren Law Group, LLC, we’ve helped many families arrive at settlements that provide a safe environment for children while allowing the parents to continue on with their lives. Our compassionate New Jersey child support lawyers know how to make your voice heard.

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