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NJ No-Fault Divorces

New Jersey offers a no-fault divorce, even though they are not a pure “no-fault” state since they offer the option of having a fault divorce. A no-fault divorce is when the couple has irreconcilable differences. Basically, the couple does not get along, has too many differences, and no chance of getting back together. The irreconcilable differences which caused a break down of the marriage must be apparent for 6 or more months. This law does not have a separation requirement, meaning the two spouses can be active living together when they file for divorce. Moreover, this ground for divorce may be appropriate to allege in certain situations such as when two people have simply grown apart and wish to end their marriage. However, the couple still wish to reside together until the divorce is finalized. The new cause of action brings a level of civility and practicality to matrimonial practice. This ground for divorce eliminates the need for spouses to allege wrongdoing on their spouse’s part.

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